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Top Recommended Add-Ons

Below is a list of add-ons that I recommend for the majority of users who are looking to get the most out of their web browser experience. None of these should require any technical experience or modifications.Note: If you are not familiar with installing add-ons, I recommend you read through my Add-on Installation Tutorial.

AdBlock - Download

This is an add-on I highly recommend that is designed to remove almost all embedded ads from any website, as well as improve both privacy and security while browsing online. I have created a page dedicated to Adblock which contains detailed instructions on its usage and capabilites: Adblock Product Page

Download Helper - Download

This is a useful add-on which allows you to download almost any embedded flash video file from all the popular video websites. Including Youtube, National Geographic, Google Video etc. Once installed, view the page playing the video you would like to download, then simply click on Tools -> Download Helper and select filename.flv (the filename will vary depending on the video) and you will be presented with a standard download window.Note: You will need an FLV codec installed on your computer to playback the video file.

Full Fullscreen - Download

Normally when you view a page in fullscreen mode (F11) Firefox will still display a small navigation toolbar at the top of the page, including address bar, search bar and close buttons. This add-on will remove literally everything from the screen including all toolbars, menus and icons when fullscreen is active. The webpage will be displayed border-to-border on your monitor without any margin or gap. The only exception is a vertical scroll-bar if the page has more content then can fit on the screen. [View Comparison]

IE View Lite - Download

This add-on will add an option "View this page in IE" into the right click menu. In the event that you are required to view a page in IE (Internet Explorer), instead of manually opening the browser and navigating to the web address, you can simply click this option and Firefox will automatically launch a new IE window and take you directly to the page you are currently viewing. Some websites require IE in order to view them properly. This usually occurs because the web designer is using non-standard proprietary code which only IE understands, or the site requires software to be installed in your computer via insecure ActiveX controls.

Luckily over the last few years most web designers have realized the security and compatibility issues and have migrated over to a standards complaint design which no longer requires IE. However, there are still some old-school websites that still force users to use an insecure product. If you still need to visit such sites, this add-on can save you alot of time by providing a quick "switch" link to IE.

Quick Java - Download

This add-on allows you to quickly enable/disable Java and JavaScript with a single mouse click via a status bar icon. It is normally fairly time consuming to dig through the options menu to modify the javascript status. This add-on saves quite a bit of time, especially for those like myself that are constantly disabling then enabling scripting due to development, security and performance issues. [Show]

Top Additional Add-Ons

These are some additional add-ons that advanced users may find useful.

ColorZilla - Download

ColorZilla adds an eye dropper tool to Firefox which allows you to sample the rgb or hex value of any color on the screen. It installs at a status bar icon which can simply be clicked to activate the dropper. This add-on also includes a "Color Picker" with full 16-bit range to arbitrarily select any shade of any huge combination. Also includes web colors, W3C color names and more.

FEBE - Download

The Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE) is an all-in-one backup utility for Firefox. This add-on allows you to quickly backup all of your Firefox settings and its "environment" at the click of a mouse. Including Bookmarks, form data, passwords, preferences, themes, add-ons, history and cookies. FEBE can backup Firefox to a specific directory, or an auto-prefixed directory based on the current date. Also supports automatic scheduled backups (although Firefox must be open during the scheduled time, so it may not be applicable to everyone). Can be accessed through Tools -> FEBE -> Perform Backup.

FireFTP - Download

FireFTP is a fully functional FTP client integrated directly into Firefox. This is currently the only FTP client I use. I have tried a number of clients in the past, but many are becoming excessively bloated and slow, integrating unnecessarily into the OS and system startup. This add-ons is tiny, only 416KBs and does not touch any part of your system beyond the Firefox Profile directory.

FireFTP supports both passive and active mode, binary/ascii transfers, a favorites list for quick connections to commonly used servers, and upload drag/drop support (currently, downloads can only be transfered via the split pane view as FireFTP does not integrate as a shell extension into the OS). FireFTP can be accessed via the Tools -> FireFTP menu.

Organize Status Bar - Download

Allows you to move, hide or show any of the elements in the status bar. Such as the Adblock option, Quick Java icons, loading bar, page status, SSL icon etc. A must have for anyone who has a large number of add-ons installed as this can be used to unclutter the status bar and hide the unnecessary icons. Accessible via the Tools -> Organize Status Bar menu option.

Print Context Menu - Download

Adds a simple Print option to the right click menu. Quite a few pages utilize popups to display information but disable the file menu within them making it very difficult to print. With this add-on installed, simply right click the page and choose the Print option to print the page, regardless of the file menu availability.

Tab URL Copier - Download

This allows you to copy the URLs of each page that is currently open in a tab to the clipboard delimited by a newline. This allows you to quickly save a list of all the pages you are viewing for later use. It also includes the ability to open a series of tabs based on the URLs in your clipboard. You can think of this add-on's functionality as a "backup & restore" feature for your tabs.

Tiny URL Creator - Download

This adds a right click option to create a tiny URL for the page you are currently viewing. Tinyurl ( allows you to simplify a long complex URL to a short 15 character alternative. This add-on saves quite a bit of time as it can be used in a single mouse click and does not require manually navigating to the tinyurl site and pasting the desired target URL.

Web Developer - Download

This is truly a priceless add-on for web developers. This add-on provides dozens upon dozes of features addressing almost every aspect of web development a developer could need. Some of the basics include rulers, enable/disable CSS, page magnifier, window resize based on custom presets, CSS/HTML hierarchy tree view and inheritance, HTML/CSS validation by mouse click/hotkeys, dynamic HTML/CSS editing on any page, display image information which dynamically extracts images listing their full URL, dimensions and size, full extraction of all CSS into a single page for easy viewing and the ability to outline all or custom elements displaying HTML and CSS details about the element in question.

These features are only a sampling of what this add-on offers. If you have any interest at all in web design, or just want to experiment with page modifications/display, then I highly recommend you give this this a try.

Top Get More Add-Ons

For a full list of Firefox add-ons, feel free to look through the Mozilla database at: