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Techie PC

Techie PC offers services for both home and business computer systems, networks and websites.

For more information visit the link for the type of service you require.


Scam Alert

Over the last two years, there have been many scam phone calls occurring throughout the US, Europe and Australia. Most of these calls are originating from India.

These scammers commonly claim to be from Microsoft, Dell or HP. They state that the home owner's computer is infected, or that it is spreading viruses due to "a report they received from your computer". This is an outright lie and should be ignored. If they call, hangup at once, ignoring any warnings or threats they may make.

This is the process they usually follow:

  • Scammer claims to be from Microsoft/Company
  • Warns that your computer is infected or has a problem
  • States they are calling because your computer alerted them
  • Offers to "fix" the problem by remote connecting to your computer.
  • Once connected one of two things happen:
    • Scammer tries to sell security software or services, which are absolutely fake. Usually for $300.
    • Scammer locks you out of your own computer, and ransoms you to access your data. Usually for $300.

If there is any concern of any personal damage resulting from this scam, or if you have fallen victim to this scam, contact me and I can work with you to investigate and repair the damage.

Security Highlight

I recommend that anyone who is looking for a secure internet experience switch to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Firefox and Chrome are alternatives to the Internet Explorer browser.

Internet Explorer has been known to contain many security vulnerabilities with delayed patch releases. In extreme cases, these vulnerabilities allow websites to gain complete control over your system. Installing spyware, viruses and other malicious applications.

While no browser is perfect, Firefox and Chrome are open source, meaning, that the "code" behind the product is freely available to view. Thousands of users and dozens of security firms throughout the world have examined the product regularly over the course of its development; all the while being hardened against the latest security threats. Since the product is scrutinized by so many individuals and business, if a vulnerability is discovered it is patched immediately.

You can download Mozilla Firefox from
You can download Google Chrome from

If any help is needed with the installation feel free to contact me.